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Fast Track Hobbies' Own, 13 Year-old Justin Colvin, Wins Two
2012 USRA National Championships!

Watch the last minute of the A Main as Justin wins the 4" NASCAR National Championship. This was his second National Championship title win of the day, after having won the Junior National Championship earlier.

Justin would finish nearly 5 laps ahead of a very fast field of racers from across the country.

Jay Harrod, another Fast Track Hobbies' racer, finished in the top 8, bringing home 7th place overall.

Congratulations Justin and Jay!
Justin Colvin takes Top Qualifier at the 2012 USRA National Championships. for the 4" NASCAR class.

Watch his TQ run, then watch the last minute of the A Main event as he takes the National Championship win!
Justin Colvin pulling off a stunning Top Qualifier run at the 2012 USRA National Championships. Justin took the TQ over multi-time World Champion Paul Gawronski in the LMP (Le Mans Prototype) class.

Justin used just 30 seconds of the one minute long qualifying run to grab the top spot.

Justin would wind up finishing 3rd overall behind track owner Frank Sarkela (By 6 laps) and Paul Gawronski (By 3 laps).

Great job Justin!